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This course is designed to be high impact, giving participants all the necessary skills and marketing acumen needed to become a top marketer. It covers a wide range of concepts including a) cross cultural consumer behavior, b) brand communication, c) global and trade marketing, and d) global management. It also addresses issues concerning a) import and export, b) mergers and acquisitions, c) advertising, and d) product management across cultures. Participants will explore all aspects of marketing management from a global perspective to learn how to tackle international opportunities, challenges, and competitive situations. International Marketing – or Global Marketing – is the coordination of all business activities of a firm that impacts consumers, strategic partners, and users in more than one country. Participants will be prepared to understand the nature of the hyper-competitive international business environment. Topics include a thorough analysis of a) international marketing, b) social, cultural, political environments, c) international market-entry opportunities, d) formulation and implementation of market entry strategies and products, e) selected aspects of strategic brand management, f) global distribution, g) pricing strategies, h) international promotion, sales, advertising, and negotiation. Participants will study and analyze cross- cultural consumer behavior to master the skills related to product and brand management. This course will focus specifically on the critical skills marketers need to effortlessly work in an international organization. This course will prepare them for a variety of careers in management, consulting, strategic planning, sales, advertising, and promotion.



Target group

This intensive management training course is a highly interactive seminar/workshop designed for marketers, managers, executives, strategists, business owners, team leaders, product managers, brand strategists, management consultants, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to grow their management knowledge and skills fast – and get on the fast track to achieving leadership success. This comprehensive international marketing management training course will cover the proven Global Marketing frameworks, models, strategies, techniques, and tools managers need to become more knowledgeable, more foresightful, and able to avoid costly mistakes that can lead to unmitigated – and irreversible – business disasters.

Participants will learn how to handle dozens of critical global marketing challenges with ease and confidence. This course is a detailed study of the elements and processes involved in such key global marketing functions as product, brand, advertising, price, distribution, import/export, manufacturing, distribution, and promotional activities. Participants will study, analyze and evaluate global marketing opportunities, formulate strategies, and simulate execution of these strategies as it relates to total organizational strategy.

This course is for individuals who want to

a) understand the significance of International Marketing,
b) learn how to navigate the uncharted territory of constantly evolving international business environment,
c) know how to deal with international trade global competition,
d) introduce products/services that will conquer hearts and minds of standardization and adaptation strategies.

Course objetctive

This highly focused course provides tools and frameworks for business owners, marketers, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, advertising professionals, and brand strategists related to marketing management decision processes, marketing systems in the hypercompetitive global business environment, and marketing strategies of foreign market entry.

The emphasis is on strategic international marketing management and how it is adapted to the global business environment. By the end of this course students will be able to understand how organizations use marketing strategies, tactics, and principles to create value for their (international) consumers.

Students will be able to effectively use the strategic marketing planning process and the marketing mix framework to formulate successful strategies and make well-informed business decisions. Emphasis will be placed on sustainable marketing practices, along with a focus on consumer psychology across cultures. Students will be able to differentiate between economic, political, social, and cultural environments and recognize the implications of a plethora of relevant environmental and situational factors to marketing management.

The objectives of this course are:

  • To increase students’ understanding of the important issues in planning, implementing, and evaluating marketing strategies within a global context.
  • To provide relevant theories, models, and tools for the making of business decisions
  • To provide a platform for students to apply the knowledge of the marketing principles, planning process, market analysis, and the marketing mix.
  • To demonstrate how consumer behavior concepts can be applied to the consumer decision-making process. Students will learn how consumer insights can benefit the strategy formulation process.
  • To teach students how to think strategically about the value of developing global awareness vs. a local perspective on product and brand management.
  • Bartolomeo Rafael Bialas will discuss how effective, strategy-linked brand positioning is essential in delivering a clearly defined, well-articulated, and differentiating value proposition for customers. Successful global brands create active and lasting customer relationships, which is why deep customer insight is the basis for successful marketing strategy.

Discussion topics:

  1. Marketing strategy framework, principles, and theories.
  2. Branded vs generic products, product and distribution strategies.
  3. Marketing audit.
  4. Pricing strategies.
  5. Corporate profitability, market orientation.
  6. The economic, political, cultural, and technological environments.
  7. Cross-cultural consumer behavior.
  8. Export/Import and go-to-market strategies.
  9. Advertising and promotion across cultures.
  10. Mergers and acquisitions.
  11. Competitive analysis.



This course adopts a seminar/workshop format. It is learner-oriented with the clear purpose of learning and practicing new knowledge related to marketing, product and brand management, consumer behavior, and cross-cultural factors affecting the way business is done today. The content of this course is very specific and the intensity very and consumer psychology knowledge, professionalism, managerial skills, and strategic thinking abilities. During the sessions participants will experiment with new knowledge, strategies, techniques, and revolutionary approaches to develop new strategic marketing plans that often did not exist before.

This course will consist of interactive exercises in order to better understand international marketing, development of viable GTM (go-to- market) strategies, knowledge of cross-cultural consumer behavior, and transition to hyper-competitive global business environment.

In addition to interactive seminar modules where the instructor – Bartolomeo Rafael Bialas – will introduce new knowledge, explain paradigms, frameworks, and strategies using highly structured, interactive, multimedia presentation techniques, a substantial part of the allotted time will be spent on the discussion, exchanging ideas, and training sessions. These training sessions will consist of constructing or developing new strategies, global brand architecture models, and transformation plans that did not exist before. The participants will also engage in developing new, intricate strategic ideas, principles, concepts and the like. The essential characteristic of this course is collaborative work.

Diploma and digital badge

The final grade is satisfactory or unsatisfactory, depending on the completion of the activities and 80% attendance during the program. To receive your badge and diploma, it is also necessary that you answer the satisfaction survey sent via email before the end date.
The diploma that is issued digitally and is accompanied by a badge. Both the diploma and the badges are protected by the Blockchain system and can be shared electronically through different means: email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Digital badges are a non-transferable, long-lasting recognition that allows you to save your achievements electronically, avoiding losing the document or its deterioration.


Bartolomeo Rafael Bialas (Las Vegas, USA) is an international expert on brand management, strategic thinking, and consumer behavior. He has consulted for and worked with many business and government organizations, including MGM Grand Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Goodwill Industries International, Aldec, White Square Gallery, Ing Group, Rdg Advertising, Keane Creative, Nevada Governor’s Office Of Economic Development/International Trade And Diplomatic Protocol, Consulate General Of The Republic Of Poland In Los Angeles.

He has been a visiting professor at various universities around the world, including Belize,
Guatemala, Poland, Latvia, Portugal, USA, Slovakia, Argentina, Hungary, UK, Aruba. He has also lectured at the prestigious Craft Acting Studio co-founded by the actor and Emmy Award-Winner Brad Garrett. He is currently a professor at the University Of Information Technology And Management School of Management (Poland) where he is teaching his original content course called STRATEGIC THINKING AND DISRUPTIVE BUSINESS MODELS in the Executive MBA Program. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Journal of Markets and Organizations at the West Pomeranian Business School.

He is also the author of the seminar paper on the dynamic interplay of innovation, business competition, and consumer behavior.

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